Post-Operative Events

Apart from the complications that are common to all surgical operations e.g. bruising & swelling etc., the following are specific to liposuction procedures.

If you have concerns or questions about the procedure speak to one of our advisors who are experts on liposuction procedures.

Scars are generally small and wherever possible are placed at sites that are not easily conspicuous, whereas a permanent mark will always remain it will not as a rule cause the patient any grave concerns.

Rippling and Sagging of the Skin This can occur if either excessive amounts of fat have to be removed from an area or if the skin tone is poor initially.

It is impossible to predict accurately how much the skin will tighten up after the operation.

Many patients are of the impression that exercise will tighten loose skin in the same way that muscles are enlarged or tightened by pumping iron.

Skin does not contain any voluntary muscle so no amount of exercising will increase its tone or tighten it.

Lumpiness and hardness usually occurs for a while after the operation and is part of the normal healing process.

The fat is removed in layers in tunnels. These tunnels fill up with blood, which subsequently clots causing hardness.

The speed with which the body dissolves and then absorbs the clotted blood will determine how long the hardness lasts.

Ruts, Depressions and Defects can occur as a result of too much fat having been removed from a particular area or site.

Although this complication can occur with any operator it is much less common in experienced hands.

A further procedure may be required to improve the situation.

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